GSTR E-way Bills / creation

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GST Registration for E-way Bills and the creation of one E-way Bill

EWay Bill is an electronic way bill that can be generated on the eWay Bill Portal for the movement of goods. Without an e-way bill created on, a GST registered person cannot transport goods in a vehicle with a value exceeding Rs. 50,000 (Individual Invoice/bill/delivery invoice).
Alternatively, an Eway bill can be produced or cancelled through SMS, Android App, or API site-to-site interface.
A unique Eway Bill Number (EBN) is assigned to each eway bill and is available to the provider, recipient, and transporter.

Services We Provide

Assigned to a professional
GST Registration via e-mail
Creation of a single electronic bill of lading

Who Should Purchase

SMBs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Documents Required For Registration

A copy of the invoice that requires an E-way bill

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

To generate an e-way bill, one must first register on the e-way bill (EWB) portal using their GSTIN.

A user will receive the username and password for the e-way bill site after completing the registration process.

Yes, all GST-registered individuals must use their GSTIN to register on the e-way bill.

Some transporters may not be registered under the GST Act, but they should nevertheless register on the e-way bill portal in order to transport their clients’ goods.

For unregistered transporters, TRANSIN (Transporter ID) is a 15-digit unique number generated by the EWB site. The state code, PAN, and checksum digit will be used to create this ID.

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