Business Advertisement

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Business Advertisement

Advertisement plays a very important role in every business. Your products & services are being described to your targeted audience using different modes of advertisements.

With Letz Manage you can boost your sales of products and services through better advertisement plans as per your requirement. We provide a complete solution and suggest only modes that are best for your product and services. 

Ad Shoot Animated Ads

Ad shoot is used for doing marketing of particular company or a brand in digital way. It has two main variants like photo shoot, video shoot.

Our team understands the use of your products or services and analyze it properly to make sure we make an advertisement which can attract the targeted audience. Our ads experts write a scripts and shoot the ads with your products or services and our actors explain it properly in the advertisement. For advertisers, the most common video ad duration is 11–20 seconds in length.

We can telecast video ads in TV, Social Media, Digital Holdings etc. 

The animated ad are short and attractive, your customer will recognise your company or brand from a very short animated ad, It’s just take 15-60 seconds but leaves a hung impact.

Here in animated ads we use a animated character to create an advertisement. Animated ads are really attractive with no limits in explaining anything.

We are creating animated ads and use it for promotions of your brand or services on the social media, TV or Digital Holdings.

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