Provident Fund Registration

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Establishment of a Provident Fund

Employees Provident Fund is a mechanism for employees to save money for retirement. For those working in government, the public sector, or the commercial sector, contributing to the fund is also a tax-saving alternative. Both the company and the employee contribute to the fund on a monthly basis during their working lives, which can be utilized in retirement. After their personnel count reaches 20, all entities must register with the Provident Fund Department within a month. If there is any delay, a fine may be applied.

Documents to Be Submitted 

Agreement on your registered office's rent
Certificate from the property owner stating that there are no objections to the property
Proof of ownership
Certificate of Organizational Structure
Documents to back up your claim (if any)
In the case of a company, a certificate of incorporation and evidence of residence are required.

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Any entity with 20 or more employees, whether it is a government agency, a public sector or private sector firm, must register with the PF Department. The application must be submitted within one month of reaching a total of 20 employees. If an employer desires to give a provident fund benefit to his or her employees, he or she may apply for registration on a voluntary basis

The 20-employee restriction applies to all permanent, semi-permanent, and other contract employees in the business, such as housekeeping, security, and other contract employees.

Employers must deposit 12% of each qualified employee’s basic salary into a provident fund account if they are registered.

Employees who are eligible must contribute a total of 12 percent of their basic salary, with 3.67 percent going to the provident fund and 8.33 percent going to the pension system.

All permanent, semi-permanent, and other contract employees in the business, such as housekeeping, security, or other contractual staff, are included in the 20-person limit.

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