Change the name of the company

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Change The Name Of The Company

Your organization will receive end-to-end expert assistance in changing its name. The only thing on your mind should be what the name will be! For Rs. 1 lakh of authorized capital.

Services We Provide

Company name change secretarial services
Name change filing in MGT -14 and INC -24
Secretarial services connected to a company name change
MGT -14 and INC -24 name change filings

Who Should Purchase

Any business that want to change its name.
Businesses that require end-to-end assistance with drafting board resolutions, special resolutions, and completing specified name change papers.

Documents Required For Registration

The documentation required will be determined by the type of service you require at any given time. Our professionals will inform you of the same in accordance with your specifications.

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

A business name should not be confusingly similar to another company’s name. There are a few characteristics that do not differentiate one name from another: Adding a plural form to a word Incorporating punctuation marks, hiding or adding a space between two words, or changing the letter Expert’se Changing a number to a word or a word to a number Mispelling the words on purpose Words in Hindi are translated into English and vice versa. Words that are offensive or abusive

An authorised name is valid for I 20 days (if the name is being reserved for a new company) or (ii) 60 days (if the name is being reserved for an existing firm) (in case of change of name of an existing company)

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