Filing Taxes on Stock/Mutual Fund Sales

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Filing Taxes on Stock/Mutual Fund Sales

  • Individual income tax returns for futures trading
  • Individual income tax returns for intraday trading
  • Audit services are NOT included in the plan
  • Tax audit fees are not included

The trader package is designed to help persons with trading income save the most money on taxes. It also features hassle-free filing by a professional who understands the intricacies of intraday and F&O trading.

Misfiling or failing to file can result in the unnecessary burden of having to respond to IT notices.

Services We Provide

Individuals trading in derivatives can file a tax return.
Individual intraday trader's income tax return
Trading statements from numerous platforms are consolidated.
Prepare a P&L and a balance sheet for the account summary (up to 100 entries per year)
Experts will prepare and file your tax returns.
Email and Phone Support During Business Hours
Fees for tax audits are not included in this calculation.

Who Should Purchase

Salaried people that make money or lose money via F&O or intraday equity trading
Traders who are self-employed and earn or lose money via F&O or intraday equity trading.

Documents Required For Registration

Your company's Form 16
Form 16 or Part A of Form 16 (If part B is separate)
Statement of Tax Credits (Form 26AS)
Form 26As are available for download from the IRS website or your online banking account.
Your broker's trading account statement
If the interest received exceeds Rs. 10,000/-, a bank statement is required.

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Letz Manage uses its Expert network to connect you with a qualified CPA. These experts have a combined 40 years of experience in international taxation.

The absolute value of each Profit and Loss trade during the year is the turnover for Futures and Options. For example, if your profit from F&O is Rs.1000 and your loss is Rs.500, your turnover is Rs.1,500.

For submitting your tax return, you’ll need a Class 2 Digital Signature in addition to ordinary paperwork and the tax audit report.

While trading in intra-day markets, F&O, Commodity, and other types of trading fall under Income from Business and Profession, Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains are included in Income under the heading Capital Gains.

Losses from speculating business shares can be carried forward for four years, while all other losses can be carried forward for eight years if the tax return is filed before the original tax return’s due date.

Yes, login credentials will be required so that the Expert may upload the audit report.

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