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Firms that trade their shares on the stock exchange or issue fixed deposits are known as public limited companies. A public limited company must have at least 3 directors, 7 shareholders, and a maximum of 50 directors, as well as Rs. 5 lakhs in paid-up capital. A public limited company has all of the benefits of a private limited company, including the opportunity to have an unlimited number of members, simplicity of shareholding transfers, and increased transparency.

Documents Required for PCR 

Identity Proof of all the directors and shareholders.
A list of all the directors and shareholders' addresses.
All directors and shareholders must have a PAN card.
A utility bill for the office you've proposed as your Public Limited Company's Registered Office.
A letter of no objection from your registered office's landlord.
The directors' DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).
All directors have a DIN (Director Identification Number).
Articles of Association.
The bylaws of the organisation.

Requirements for Registration of a Public Limited Company 

The businesses act of 2013 has a number of laws and regulations that must be followed while forming a public limited company. When forming a public limited corporation, bear the following points in mind:

  A public limited corporation must have at least 7 shareholders to be 
A public limited company must have at least three directors.
A share capital of Rs. 5 lakhs is required as a minimum.
When submitting self-attested copies of identity and address proof, one of the directors' digital signature certificate (DSC) is required.
The planned company's directors will require a DIN.
For the name of the company to be chosen, an application must be submitted.
It is necessary to submit an application that includes the company's principal/main object clause. This object clause specifies what a company will do after it is established.
The application must be submitted to the ROC along with the appropriate documents such as the MOA, AOA, and duly filed Form DIR – 12, Form INC – 7, and Form INC – 22.
The prescribed registration fees must be paid to the ROC.
The company should apply for a "certificate of business commencement" after receiving clearance from the ROC.

Procedure for Registration of a Public Limited Company 

Step 1: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Because a company’s registration is completed fully online, a digital signature will be required when submitting forms to the MCA portal. DSC is required for all proposed directors and subscribers to the memorandum and articles of association.

Step 2: Director Identification Number (DIN)

It is a number that identifies a director and must be obtained by anyone who wishes to become a director of a corporation. Evidence of the potential director’s DIN, as well as his or her name and address, must be included in the company registration form.

Step 3: The MCA Portal requires registration.

To apply for company registration, you must submit a completed SPICe+ form to the MCA portal. The Director of a company must register on the MCA portal in order to fill out the SPICe+ form and submit the appropriate papers. After completing the registration process, the director will have access to the MCA portal services, which include the ability to file e-forms and viewing public documents.

Step 4: Certificate of Incorporation

The Registrar of Companies will inspect the registration application when it has been filed together with the required documentation. He will issue the Certificate of Incorporation of the Public Company when the application has been verified.

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