TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)(Form 24Q)

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TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on Salary Payments (Form 24Q)

Every person or business that has deducted TDS from their employees’ salaries is required to file quarterly TDS returns. The Tax Department will charge interest and penalties if the returns are not filed on time. Lets Manage  provides you with a quick way to comply with all TDS requirements related to salary payments.

Services We Provide

TRACES registration
Form 24Q Up to 100 employees (1 no.)
Form 26Q up to 10 deductees
Returns Software
Bulk PAN Verification
Challan Verification
Online FVU Generation and Submission
Form 16 Generation

Who Should Purchase

Anyone who is obligated to make a salary payment and must deduct TDS.
Any company, partnership firm, or other entity that pays salaries after deducting TDS is required to do so.
Any branch of a company's main office

Documents Required For Registration

Deductor specifics
Information about the person in charge
Deductee information
Challan information
Details of deduction

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Letz Manage uses its Expert network to connect you with a qualified CPA. These experts have a combined 40 years of experience in international taxation.

The absolute value of each Profit and Loss trade during the year is the turnover for Futures and Options. For example, if your profit from F&O is Rs.1000 and your loss is Rs.500, your turnover is Rs.1,500.

For submitting your tax return, you’ll need a Class 2 Digital Signature in addition to ordinary paperwork and the tax audit report.

While trading in intra-day markets, F&O, Commodity, and other types of trading fall under Income from Business and Profession, Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains are included in Income under the heading Capital Gains.

Losses from speculating business shares can be carried forward for four years, while all other losses can be carried forward for eight years if the tax return is filed before the original tax return’s due date.

Yes, login credentials will be required so that the Expert may upload the audit report.

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