FSSAI /Food Services Basic Registration

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FSSAI Registration Basic Registration

Food licences, also known as FSSAI licences, are issued to all producers, traders, and restaurants who engage in any type of food manufacturing or processing. When you apply for FSSAI registration, you will be given a 14-digit licence number that must be displayed on all food containers. Even if food goods are not packaged, the licence number is essential.

Consultation on Eligibility
Documents should be prepared ahead of time.
Submission of an application (Basic Registration)
Keep track of the application's progress while it's being processed.
Licensing Receipt Code

There are three types of registrations available.

Under this concept, we would give Central Registration. Letz Manage experts will assist you in determining which type of registration is appropriate for your business and completing all of the necessary paperwork.

Services We Provide

Eligibility Consultation
Application (Basic Registration) Filing with Authority
Tracking the progress of the application while it is being processed
Receipt of Application Code
Business hours -Expert Support

Who Should Purchase

Individuals who manufacture or trade food goods
All businesses who manufacture or trade food products
Online food merchants

Documents Should Be Submitted

Documents that support your claim (if any)
Promoters' photo identification
Certificate of Your Organization.
Proof of business premises possession
A list of all food products that have been created or processed
Information about your bank account

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